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Did you know?

  • "The Sorcerer" was our 40th Show and the 3rd time we have produced the operetta.

    This was our first production in Dewsbury Little Theatre.

    Dewsbury Little Theatre

    The building was formerly a Primitive Methodist Chapel, erected in 1864. When it was converted into a theatre is unknown.

  • The Sorcerer wore an enchanting spell

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The Sorcerer 1988 Programme

Producer/Director : Owen S. Ward
Musical Director : Raymond Wood


Sir Marmaduke Pointdextre:
(an elderly baronet)
Robert Thurman
(of the Grenadier Guards, his son)
Ian Townend
Dr Daly:
(Vicar of Ploverleigh)
Allen Haigh
The Notary:Dennis Andrews
John Wellington Wells:
(of JW Wells & Co)
Malcolm Parkinson
Lady Sangazure:
(A Lady of Ancient Lineage)
Margaret Lister
(her daughter betrothed to Alexis)
Stephanie Roe
Mrs Zorah Partlet:
(a Pew Opener)
Alison Sowerby
(her daughter)
Carol Parkinson
Story-teller :
(her daughter)
Marie Bullock
(Mr. Wells Assistant)
Verity Thomas
Chorus of Villagers

Neil Bird, George Chapman, Jeremy Haigh, John Hardy, Keith Horner, Andrew James, Vernon Newman, Barry Pearson, Chris Sowerby.

Marie Bullock, Tessa Chapman, Judith Gill, Karen Morton, Irene Richardson, Sally Roberts, Rachel Roe, Thelma Scott, Tracey Spencer, Verity Thomas, Kathryn Thurman, Ruth Trout, Dorothy Whitworth.

"The Sorcerer" in pictures