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  • "The Sorcerer" was our 49th Show and the 4th time we have produced the operetta.

    The production was dedicated to the memory of Gordon Clayton who was our Musical Director from 1994 through 1996.

    Take a look at our previous productions of "The Sorcerer".

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  • The opera opened on 17 November 1877 at the Opera Comique in London, where it ran for 178 performances. It was considered a success by the standards of that time and encouraged the collaborators to write their next opera, H.M.S. Pinafore.

    The Sorcerer has made its way into popular culture. Isaac Asimov wrote a short story, "The Up-To-Date Sorcerer", an homage to the opera consisting largely of a series of puns on phrases from it.

  • From Gilbert's Bab Ballads:

    From Gilbert Bab Ballads - Eheu Fugaces
    Eheu Fugaces.
    (The air is charged with amatory numbers)
Sorcerer 1997 programme cover

Producer/Director : Barry Atkinson
Musical Director : Keith Webster


Sir Marmaduke Pointdextre :
(an elderly baronet)
Kenneth Davison
Alexis :
(of the Grenadier Guards, his son)
Ian Townend
Dr Daly :
(Vicar of Ploverleigh)
Robert Thurman
The Notary: Keith Horner
John Wellington Wells :
(of JW Wells & Co)
Malcolm Parkinson
Lady Sangazure :
(A Lady of Ancient Lineage)
Stephanie Roe
Aline :
(her daughter betrothed to Alexis)
Carol Parkinson
Mrs Zorah Partlet :
(a Pew Opener)
Alison Sowerby
Constance :
(her daughter)
Helen McCree
Ladies of the Chorus :

Gillian Bardon, Marie Bullock, Janice Child, Rachel Clegg, Margaret Hanson, Elaine Mantle, Karen Morton, Dina Powell, Sue Ralph, Caroline Roberts, Catherine Roberts, Sally Roberts, Debbie Stringer, Pamela Thorne, Kathryn Thurman & Dorothy Whitworth.

Gentlemen of the Chorus :

Joseph Bardon, John Berry, Ian Castle, Paul Child, David Hirst, Stephen Roe, Chris Sowerby, Matthew Thorne & Matthew Thurman.

The Sorcerer" in pictures