Sorcerer 1980 programme cover

Producer/Director : Anthony Dobson
Musical Director : Ronald Whittam


Sir Marmaduke Pointdextre (an elderly baronet): Alan Wilson
Alexis (of the Grenadier Guards, his son):Allan Haigh
Dr Daly (Vicar of Ploverleigh):Geoffrey Greenwood
The Notary:Frank Burton
John Wellington Wells(of JW Wells & Co):Clive Moul
Lady Sangazure (A Lady of Ancient Lineage):Margaret Whitaker
Aline (her daughter betrothed to Alexis):Judith Haller
Mrs Zorah Partlet (a Pew Opener):Marjorie Harrap
Constance (her daughter): Margaret Greenwood

Chorus of Villagers
LADIES: M. Bullock, M. Burd, M. Coupland, J. Craddock, D. Exley,
D. Farquharson, A. Farrar, L. Farrar, P. Garth, G. Hall, M. Halstead, E. Lister,
H. Pairman, I. Richardson, S. Roe, N. Smith, A. Snowball, P. Spurr,
H. Stakes, N. Stephenson.
GENTLEMEN: W. Downes, C. Goddard, D. Goddard, G. Haller, S.W. Lockyer,
B. Pearson, A. Richardson, E. Thompson, N. Thompson, A. Wright,
J.A. Whitehead.

"The Sorcerer" (1980) in photos