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Did You Know?

  • "The Sorcerer" was our 60th Show and the 5th time we have produced the operetta.
  • The opera originally opened on 17 November 1877 at the Opera Comique in London, where it ran for 178 performances. It was considered a success by the standards of that time and encouraged the collaborators to write their next opera, H.M.S. Pinafore.

  • The Sorcerer has made its way into popular culture. Isaac Asimov wrote a short story, "The Up-To-Date Sorcerer", an homage to the opera consisting largely of a series of puns on phrases from it.
  • From Gilbert's Bab Ballads:

    From Gilbert Bab Ballads - Eheu Fugaces
    Eheu Fugaces.
    (The air is charged with amatory numbers)

  • Take a look at our previous productions of "Ruddigore".

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Sorcerer 2008

Producer/Director : Graham Weston
Musical Director : David Hall


Sir Marmaduke Pointdextre :
(an elderly baronet)
Richard Buxton
Alexis :
(of the Grenadier Guards, his son)
Steven Greenwood
Dr Daly :
(Vicar of Ploverleigh)
Robert Thurman
The Notary: Alan Evans
John Wellington Wells:
(of JW Wells & Co)
Malcolm Parkinson
Lady Sangazure :
(A Lady of Ancient Lineage)
Stephanie Roe
Aline :
(her daughter betrothed to Alexis)
Carol Parkinson
Mrs Partlet:
(a Pew Opener)
Penny McGoverin
Constance :
(her daughter)
Helen Fox
Hercules :
(Mr Wells' Page)
Peter Sugden
Chorus of Villagers :

Rita Jno-Baptiste, Jean Greenwood, Lyndsey Hall, Margaret Hanson, Antonia McGoverin, Deirdre O'Shea, Lisa O'Shea, Catherine Roberts, Fiona Baker, Jennifer Day, Tracey Hook, Sally Roberts, Debbie Stringer, Marie Sugden, Kathryn Thurman, AJ Jno-Baptiste, Richard Brook, Tony Johnson, Steve Roe, Ian Townend, Andrew Stopford, Peter Sugden, Kelvin Waites.

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