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Did You Know?

  • This production was originally planned to occur in April 2020 until we were hit by the COVID-19 global pandemic. Two years later we were back to both re-unite as a society and to perform with the same production team and a slightly revised cast.

  • Take a look at our previous productions of "The Mikado".

    2022 2014 2005 1995 1986 1977 1968 1959 1949.

  • This production had 2 significant "firsts" for 2 of our close friends. This was David Hall's first time as our Director although David has appeared on stage in a number of our previous productions. Our Musical Director, Richard Buxton, was also undertaking the role for the first time having also previously appeared on stage for us.
  • Having delayed the production for 2 years, COVID continued to have an impact on the production (as it did with many other productions around this time). Very much at the last minute, five of our cast members were sadly unable to appear on stage. They were Carol Parkinson (Yum-Yum) and members of the chorus Janet Edmond, Tracey Hook, Caroline Ledgard, Martina O'Rourke, all who spent many months rehearsing but were then unable to perform.
  • In this production the part of Katisha was played by our 2022 President, Stephanie Roe. Stephanie made her very first stage appearance in the 1968 production of "The Mikado".
Mikado 2022 Programme

Producer/Director : David Hall
Musical Director : Richard Buxton


The Mikado of Japan : Chris Hall
Nanki-Poo :
(his son,disguised as a wandering minstrel)
Steven Greenwood
Ko-Ko :
(Lord High Executioner of Titipu)
Malcolm Parkinson
Pooh-Bah :
(Lord High Everything Else)
David Parker
Pish-Tush :
(a Noble Lord)
Oliver McGreevy
-- Three Sisters, Wards of Ko-Ko --
Yum-Yum : Liz Blount
Pitti-Sing : Rebekah Barker
Peep-Bo : Deirdre O'Shea
Katisha :
(an Elderly Lady)
Stephanie Roe
Chorus of School Girls, Nobles and Guards :

Simon Bray, Faith Church, Richard Grigg, Lyndsey Hall, Rita Jno-Baptiste, Tony Johnson, Julie King, Edwin Kirkwood, Debbie Moores, Steve Roe, Peter Sugden.

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