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Did you know?

  • This was our 37th production and the 5th time in our history we've produced "The Mikado".

    A "Touch of the Orient came to Batley" said the the Batley News of this production. Read their report on the show.

    The programme included an obituary for Mrs Richmond Newsome who was a founder member and principal contralto of the Society for a number of years. One of the happiest memories was when she appeared with her daughter Barbara as Lady Blanche and Melissa in "Princess Ida".

    The production (so said our Producer John Broadbent) was "essentially traditional but different in one or two aspects". The "list song" of Ko-Ko was restored to its original position and Yum-Yum's half of the "kissing duet" with Nanki-Poo was restored.

  • Take a look at our other productions of "The Mikado".9

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The Mikado (1986)

Producer/Director : John Broadbent
Musical Director : Jim Laidlaw


The Mikado Of Japan: Lyndon Wilkinson
Nanki-Poo :
(his son,disguised as a minstrel)
David Rodgers
Ko-Ko :
(Lord High Executioner of Titipu):
Chris Sowerby
Pooh-Bah :
(Lord High Everything Else)
Keith Horner
Pish-Tush :
(a Noble Lord)
Robert Thurman
Three Sisters, Wards of Ko-Ko
Yum-Yum:Stephanie Roe
Pitti-Sing:Alison Sowerby
Peep-Bo:Sally Roberts
(an Elderly Lady)
Sarah Leach
Chorus of School Girls, Nobles and Guards :

Guards: John Hardy, Richard Roe
Coolies: Melanie Jackson, Rachel Roe

Schoolgirls: Margaret Croft, Rachel Croft, Judith Gill, Margaret Lister, Mary Ludford, Verity Thomas, Ruth Trout, Dorothy Whitworth

Men's Chorus: Keith Cooper, Peter Newell, Vernon Newman, Malcolm Parkinson, Barry Pearson, Eric Tester, Ian Townend, John Whitehead

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