Producer/Director : Anthony Dobson
Musical Director : Ronald Whittam


The Mikado of Japan : Lyndon Wilkinson
Nanki-Poo (his son,disguised as a wandering minstrel): Steven Greenwood
Ko-Ko (Lord High Executioner of Titipu): N. Allan Haigh
Pooh-Bah (Lord High Everything Else): Geoffrey Greenwood
Pish-Tush (a Noble Lord): Clive K. Moul
-- Three Sisters, Wards of Ko-Ko --
Yum-Yum : Clarice Whittam
Pitti-Sing : Glenys Bretherick
Peep-Bo : Pamela Taylor
Katisha (an Elderly Lady) : Margaret Greenwood

Chorus of School Girls, Nobles and Guards :

LADIES: M. Bullock, A. Crabtree, D. Dunning, D. Exley, J. Greenwood,
H.V. Heyworth, J. Haller, M. Haigh, J. Hensby, V. Moore, B. Newell, S. Roe,
J. Rumbold, A. Stead, W. Stokes, J. Turner, P. Wood, Y. Whitehead.

GENTLEMEN: F. Burton, G. Goldthorpe, G. Haller, K. Horner, P. Haley,
M.A. Moore, A. Moore, D. Newell, B. Pearson, B. Turner, R. Thurman,
E. Thompson, L. Wilkinson, J.A. Whitehead.

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