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  • Our 63rd production and the 6th time for "Yeomen of the Guard". This production saw Steven Greenwood come back to us for the fourth time (as producer) though Steven has performed a variety of principal roles with us over a number of years.
  • The "Yeomen of the Guard" (or The Merryman and His Maid) openened October 3rd, 1888, at the Savoy Theatre and ran for 423 performances. Many believe that the score is Sullivan's finest. Indeed, some enjoy Yeomen particularly because of its ever-changing emotional balance of joy and despair, love and sacrifice.
  • This was the first Savoy Opera to use Sullivan's larger orchestra, including a second bassoon and third trombone.
  • Take a look at our other 5 productions of "The Yeomen of the Guard" .

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Yeomen of the Guard (2012)

Producer/Director : Steven Greenwood
Musical Director : David Hall


Sir Richard Cholmondeley :
(Lieutenant of the Tower)
Brook Carbutt
Colonel Fairfax :
(under sentence of death)
Leon Waksberg
Sergeant Meryll :
(Yeomen of the Guard)
David Parker
Leonard Meryll :
(his son)
Steven Greenwood
Jack Point :
(a Strolling Jester)
Malcolm Parkinson
Wilfred Shadbolt :
(Head Jailer)
Robert Thurman
First Citizen : Peter Sugden
Second Citizen : Tony Johnson
First Yeoman : Peter Jones
Second Yeoman : Graham Thorne
Elsie Maynard :
(a Strolling Singer)
Anna Trent
Phoebe Meryll :
(Sergeant Meryll's Daughter)
Liz Blount
Dame Carruthers :
(Housekeeper to the Tower)
Stephanie Roe
Kate :
(her Niece)
Carol Parkinson
The Headsman: Tom Lynch
Chorus of Yeomen of the Guard, Gentlemen and Citizens:

Ali Burton, Margaret Carbutt, Jennifer Day, Alan Evans, Jean Greenwood, Lyndsey Hall, Margaret Hanson, Tracey Hook, Debbie Moores, Deirdre O'Shea, Eoin O'Shea, Fintan O'Shea, Catherine Roberts, Duncan Smith, Marie Sugden, Pamela Thorne, Kathryn Thurman, Ian Townend, Kelvyn Waites.

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