Yeomen of the Guard (1955)

Producer/Director : Vera Stubbs
Musical Director : Cyril Carbutt


Sir Richard Cholmondeley (Lieutenant of the Tower): Geoffrey Greenwood
Colonel Fairfax (under sentence of death): Allan Haigh
Sergeant Meryll (Yeomen of the Guard): Eric Coupland
Leonard Meryll (his son):Harry Haigh
Jack Point (a Strolling Jester): Reg. Carter
Wilfred Shadbolt (Head Jailer): Frank Burton
The Headsman:Arnold Grayson
First Yeoman:Norman B. Colbeck
Second Yeoman:Brian Goodall
First Citizen:Arnold Grayson
Second Citizen:Eric Watson
Elsie Maynard (a Strolling Singer): Betty Sykes
Phoebe Meryll (Sergeant Meryll's Daughter): Barbara Newsome
Dame Carruthers (Housekeeper to the Tower): Richmond Newsome
Kate (her Niece): Maureen Brinnen

Yeomen of the Guard:
F. Atkins, A. Greenwood, D. Kemp, G. Peace, F. Stead, J. Whitehead
A. Bates, D. Gill, T. Jagger, P. Preston
O. Abercromby, M. Binks, D. Birkhead, M. Coupland, J. Hampshire,
M. Lockyer, I. Norton, R. Norton, M. Price, M. Priestly, M. Reavely,
M. Sykes, J. Trafford, H. White

"The Yeomen of the Guard" (1955) in photos