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  • Our 41st production and the 4th time for "Yeomen of the Guard". David Wilkinson joined us for the first time as Musical Director. He actually made his first appearance with the Society in November 1989 as MD for our concert "Evening with Gilbert & Sullivan".

  • "Yeomen of the Guard - a hit at Arts Centre".So said the Batley News of this production. Click to see theBatley News article.

  • Gilbert liked colourful costumes and chose the beefeater as the central figure in a dramatic and romantic plot set in Elizabethan times. The choice of the Tudor period was probably influenced by the wave of patriotism and nostalgia which swept Britain in the wake of Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee.

    Gilbert based his plot on a French play, "Don Cesar de Benazon", which told of a knight languishing in prson and condemned to die who married a gipsy dancer and, after escaping being shot, returned disguised as a monk.

  • Take a look at our other 5 productions of "Yeomen of the Guard".

Yeomen of the Guard (1990)

Producer/Director : Lorrayne Harrod
Musical Director : David Wilkinson


Sir Richard Cholmondeley:
(Lieutenant of the Tower)
David Adamson
Colonel Fairfax:
(under sentence of death)
Jim Cooper
Sergeant Meryll:
(Yeomen of the Guard)
Barrie Close
Leonard Meryll:
(his son)
Ian Townend
Jack Point:
(a Strolling Jester)
Keith Horner
Wilfred Shadbolt:
(Head Jailer)
Robert Thurman
The Headsman:Andrew James
First Yeoman:Ian Townend
Second Yeoman:Jeremy Haigh
First Citizen:George Chapman
Second Citizen:Neil Bird
Elsie Maynard:
(a Strolling Singer)
Pamela Brooke
Phoebe Meryll:
(Sergeant Meryll's Daughter)
Rita Browning
Dame Carruthers:
(Housekeeper to the Tower)
Margaret Lister
Kate :
(her Niece)
Karen Morton
Strolling Dancers:Stephanie Roe & Andrew James
Chorus of Yeomen of the Guard, Gentlemen and Citizens:

Verity Bird, Marie Bullock, Tessa Chapman, Jill Haigh, Carol Parkinson, Sally Roberts, Rachel Roe, Stephanie Roe, Thelma Scott, Alison Sowerby, Debbie Stringer, Kathryn Thurman, Ruth Trout, Doroty Whitworth, Kavan Lund, Vernon Newman, Barry Pearson, Stephen Roe, Christoper Sowerby

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