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Did you know?

  • Our 50th production (in this our 49th year) and the Society's 7th production of "The Gondoliers".

    The production was the first to be directed by a double act of Michael Kirby and Graham Weston. Graham went on to direct a number of productions for the Society and to be awarded a Life Membership for his contribution.

  • From Gilbert's Bab Ballads:

    From Bad Ballads -Now Marco, dear
    "Now Marco, dear"
  • The Gondoliers was the first G&S operetta to be honoured with a command performance before Queen Victoria and the Royal Family at Windsor Castle (6th March 1891).

    The Gondoliers is musically pan-European with music borrowed from France - the stately gavotte; from Spain - the Andalusian cachucha; from Italy - the saltarello and the tarantella; and from Venice itself - the Venetian barcarolle.

  • Take a look at our previous productions of "The Gondoliers".

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Gondoliers 1998

Producer/Director : Michael Kirby & Graham Weston
Musical Director : Keith Webster


Duke of Plaza Toro :
(a Grandee of Spain):
Keith Horner
Luiz :
(his Attendant) :
Jeremy Shoesmith
Don Alhambra Del Bolero :
(the Grand Inquisitor) :
Robert Thurman
Venetian Gondoliers
Marco Palmieri : Ian Townend
Giuseppe Palmieri : Keneth Davison
Antonio : Paul Child
Francesco : Stephen Roe
Giorgio : Ian Castle
Duchess of Plaza Toro : Stephanie Roe
Casilda :
(her daughter) :
Carol Parkinson
Gianetta : Mary Cadwaladr
Tessa : Alison Sowerby
Fiametta : Natalie Hanson
Vittoria : Janice Child
Giulia : Sue Ralph
Inez :
(the King’s Foster-Mother) :
Dorothy Whitworth
Ladies and Gentlemen of the Chorus :

Tracey Barker, John Berry, Jill Calleja, Pat Davison, Rachel George, Judith Gill, Margaret Hanson, David Hirst, Gill Leverton, Elaine Mantle, Karen Morton, Catherine Roberts, Sally Roberts, Chris Sowerby, Debbie Stringer,Pamela Thorne & Kathryn Thurman.