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  • The Society's 8th production of "The Gondoliers". Six of the principals reprised their roles from the previous production in 2007. Obviously none of them have aged one bit!

    Take a look at our previous productions of "Gondoliers".

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  • This year we were delighted to welcome Helen Fox who is making her debut (for us) as producer. She is no stranger to Gilbert & Sullivan having performed with us from 2007 to 2009, including playing Casilda in our previous production of "The Gondoliers in 2007.
  • For this production, we ran a poster design competition. The two winning illustrations were combined to produce both the front cover of our program and the posters.
  • The very first production of "The Gondoliers" was on the 7th December 1889 at the Savoy Theatre. It ran for 554 performances, closing on 20th June 1891. Interestingly, "The Mikado", "Patience" and "HMS Pinafore" all had longer first runs.
  • From Gilbert's Bab Ballads: When a merry maiden marries
    "When a merry maiden marries"
Gondoliers 2017 Programme

Producer/Director : Helen Fox
Musical Director : Nicholas Whitaker


Duke of Plaza Toro (a Grandee of Spain): Malcolm Parkinson
Luiz (his Attendant) : Leon Waksberg
Don Alhambra Del Bolero (the Grand Inquisitor) : Robert Thurman
Marco Palmieri : Paul Richmond
Giuseppe Palmieri : David Parker
Antonio : David Hall
Francesco : Stephen Roe
Giorgio : Brook Carbutt
Duchess of Plaza Toro : Stephanie Roe
Casilda (her daughter) : Anna Trent
Gianetta : Carol Parkinson
Tessa : Liz Blount
Fiametta : Tanya Parsons
Vittoria/Giuila : Tracy Hook
Inez (the King’s Foster-Mother) : Marilyn Cooper
Chorus of Gondoliers and Contadine:

Bex Barker, Ali Burton, Marilyn Cooper, Jennifer Day, AJ Jno-Baptiste, Rita Jno-Baptiste, Tony Johnson, Debbie Moores, Eoin O'Shea, Deirdre O'Shea, Catherine Roberts, Kath Thurman, Leon Waksberg

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