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Did you know?

  • Our 42nd annual production and the Society's 5th production of "The Gondoliers". This year we were pleased to work with a new producer, David Fletcher.
  • Gilbert apparently got the idea for "The Gondoliers" from a book on Venice in the 15th century which made much of the country's strong republicanism.Gilbert saw that a satire on republicanism ideas would have an appeal to a contempary audience (an 1889 one that is).At the time more than 50 Republican Clubs had been established in the previous 20 years. Ant-monarchy and pro-egalitarian principles were being vociferously championed.

    The Gondoliers is musically pan-European with music borrowed from France - the stately gavotte; from Spain - the Andalusian cachucha; from Italy - the saltarello and the tarantella; and from Venice itself - the Venetian barcarolle.

  • Take a look at our previous productions of "Gondoliers".

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Gondoliers 1991

Producer/Director : David Fletcher
Musical Director : David Wilkinson


Duke of Plaza Toro:
(a Grandee of Spain)
Malcolm Parkinson
(his Attendant)
Ian Townend
Don Alhambra Del Bolero:
(the Grand Inquisitor)
Robert Thurman
Venetian Gondoliers
Marco Palmieri: Jim Cooper
Giuseppe Palmieri: David Atkinson
Antonio: Jeremy Haigh
Francesco: Neil Bird
Giorgio: George Chapman
Annibale: Stephen Roe
Page: Paul Stringer
Duchess of Plaza Toro: Margaret Lister
(her daughter)
Stephanie Roe
Gianetta:Carol Parkinson
Tessa: Rita Close
Fiametta: Pamela Brooke
Vittoria: Alison Sowerby
Giulia: Kathryn Thurman
Prudence: Verity Bird
(the King’s Foster-Mother)
Dorothy Whitworth
Chorus of Gondoliers and Contadine :

Marie Bullock, Judith Gill, Karen Morton, Sally Roberts, Rachel Roe Tracey Spencer, Debbie Stringer Andrew James, Vernon Newman, Ian Stringer, Chris Sowerby

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