The Mikado (1986)

Producer/Director : John Broadbent
Musical Director : Jim Laidlaw


The Mikado Of Japan: Lyndon Wilkinson
Nanki-Poo (his son,disguised as a minstrel): David Rodgers
Ko-Ko (Lord High Executioner of Titipu): Chris Sowerby
Pooh-Bah (Lord High Everything Else): Keith Horner
Pish-Tush (a Noble Lord): Robert Thurman
-- Three Sisters, Wards of Ko-Ko --
Yum-Yum: Stephanie Roe
Pitti-Sing: Alison Sowerby
Peep-Bo: Sally Roberts
Katisha (an Elderly Lady) : Sarah Leach

Chorus of School Girls, Nobles and Guards :
Guards: John Hardy, Richard Roe
Coolies: Melanie Jackson, Rachel Roe
Schoolgirls: Margaret Croft, Rachel Croft, Judith Gill, Margaret Lister,
Mary Ludford, Verity Thomas, Ruth Trout, Dorothy Whitworth
Men's Chorus: Keith Cooper, Peter Newell, Vernon Newman,
Malcolm Parkinson, Barry Pearson, Eric Tester, Ian Townend, John Whitehead

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