Pirates of Penzance (1999)

Producer/Director : Michael Kirby
Musical Director : Keith Webster


Major-General Stanley : Robert Thurman
The Pirate King (Pirate Chief): Chris Sowerby
Samuel (His Lieutenant): Kenneth Davison
Frederic (A Pirate Apprentice): Jeremy Shoesmith
Sergeant of Police (Edward to his friends): Malcolm Parkinson
Mabel (General Stanley's 'youngest' daughter): Carol Parkinson
-- More of General Stanley's daughters --
Edith:Stephanie Roe
Kate:Rachel George
Isabel:Catherine Roberts
Ruth (A Piratical Maid-of-all-work): Pamela Thorne

Ladies & Gentlemen of the Chorus
Tracey Barker, John Berry, Neil Bird, Verity Bird, Jill Calleja,
Ian Castle, Janice Child, Paul Child, Pat Davison, Rachel George,
David Hall, Margaret Hanson, David Hirst, Keith Horner, Samantha Jones,
Gill Leverton, Elaine Mantle, Karen Morton, Dina Powell, Sue Ralph,
Sally Roberts, Stephen Roe, Alison Sowerby, Debbie Stringer, Pamela Thorne,
Ian Townend, Kathryn Thurman & Dorothy Whitworth

"The Pirates of Penzance" in photos