Pirates of Penzance (1979)

Producer/Director : Anthony Dobson
Musical Director : Ronald Whittam


Frederic (A Pirate Apprentice): Steven Greenwood
Sergeant of Police (Edward to his friends): Geoffrey Greenwood
Samuel (His Lieutenant): Keith Horner
The Pirate King (Pirate Chief): Clive Moul
Major-General Stanley : N. Allan Haigh
Mabel (General Stanley's 'youngest' daughter): Judith Haller
-- More of General Stanley's daughters --
Edith:Glenys Bretherick
Kate:Stephanie Roe
Isobel:Alison Stead
Ruth (A Piratical Maid-of-all-work): Margaret Greenwood

Ladies Chorus :
M. Bullock, M. Carbutt, A. Crabtree, D. Dunning, J. Greenwood, M. Haigh,
K. Johnson, B. Moul, I. Richardson, J. Rumbold, J. Stern, C. Whittam

Mens Chorus:
B. Carbutt, R. Darrington, A.G. Greenwood, P. Haley, G. Haller, P. Newell,
R.B. Pearson, C. Sowerby, E. Thompson, R. Thurman, Y. Broscombe

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