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  • The Society's 43rd Gilbert & Sullivan production, the fifth time for "Iolanthe". Unusually, all the chorus members had specific parts - you may recognise some of the names from other G&S operettas.
  • The production coincided with a General Election (held on 9th April). The election resulted in the fourth consecutive victory for the Conservative Party led by John Major. The show provided some light relief from the politics!
  • "Iolanthe" was first performed at the Savoy Theatre on the 25th November 1882 and was the first Gilbert & Sullivan opera to have its premiere at the theatre.

    Right up to the final run through of the on the eve of opening night, both the opera and the character now known as Iolanthe were called Perola. This was an attempt to prevent pirated performances of the opera taking place such had happened with their earlier works.

    Take a look at our previous productions of "Iolanthe".

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Iolanthe (1992)

Producer/Director : David Fletcher
Musical Director : David Wilkinson


The Lord Chancellor:Keith Horner
Earl of Mountararat:Robert Thurman
Earl Tolloller:Jim Cooper
Private Willis:
(of the Grenadier Guards)
David Atkinson
(an Arcadian Sheperd)
Malcolm Parkinson
Queen of the Fairies:Pamela Brookes
(a Fairy, Strephon's Mother)
Stephanie Roe
Celia:Alison Sowerby
Leila:Tracey Spencer
Fleta:Verity Bird
(An Arcadian Shepherdess & Ward of Chancery)
Carol Parkinson
Lord Chancellor's Attendants: Claire Brooke
Paul Stringer
Chorus of Fairies:

Marie Bullock (Sunflower), Judith Gill (Dragonfly), Louise Halliwell (Petunia), Margaret Lister (Cyclamen), Sue Ralph (Forget-Me-Not), Sally Roberts (Marigold), Rachel Roe (Ladybird), Debbie Stringer (Fuscia), Kathryn Thurman (Lilac), Dorothy Whitworth (Nasturium)

Chorus of Dukes, Marquises, Earls, Viscounts and Barons:

Neil Bird (Viscount Mentone), Ian Castle (Viscount Blushington), Jeremy Haigh (Duke of Rederring), Graham Harris (Duke of Dunstable), David Hirst (Baron Reginald Bunthorne), Vernon Newman (Marquis of Beaufort), Bary Pearson (Earl Pointdextre), Stephen Roe (Earl Dramaleigh), Chris Sowerby (Baron Despard Murgatroyd),Ian Stringer (Viscount Grosvenor), Ian Townend (Earl Cholmondly)

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