Iolanthe (1972)

Producer/Director : Barbara Thornton
Musical Director : Ronald Whittam


The Lord Chancellor:Clive Moul
Earl of Mountararat:Stuart Metcalf
Earl Tolloller:Harry Beaumont
Private Willis (of the Grenadier Guards):Geoffrey Greenwood
Strephon (an Arcadian Sheperd):Max Moore
Queen of the Fairies:Margaret Greenwood
Iolanthe (a Fairy, Strephon's Mother):Glenys Bretherick
-- Fairies --
Celia:Celia Woodcock
Leila:Joy Beattie
Fleta:Helen Stakes
Phyllis (An Arcadian Shepherdess & Ward of Chancery):Clarice Whittam

Chorus of Dukes, Marquises, Earls, Viscounts, Barons and Fairies:
LADIES' CHORUS: B. Clegg, E. Daggett, D. Exley, M. Harrap, S. Kitson, V. Moore, B. Moul, A. Newbould, B. Newell, H. Pairman, L. Spence, A. Stead, I. Wailes, M. Whitaker, K. Wright.
GENTLEMEN'S CHORUS: F. Burton, T. Chamberlain, D. Gill, G. Greenwood, N.A. Haigh, P. Newell, B. Pearson, E. Thompson, K. Webster, J.A. Whitehead, R.B. Wilman, M. Woodcock, J. Wood, A. Wright.

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