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  • This was the our 56th production and the sixth time the Society had presented "Princess Ida" (or "Castle Adamant"). Having performed a variety of roles with the Society, David Hall, for the first time, took on the role of Musical Director.

    The production was presented in the Dewsbury Little Theatre, our home for 25 enjoyable years. Car park security was though a problem, with a number of car break-ins particularly in the later years and resulting in our paying for on-site security. To mitigate the cost, one of our members penned the following as a programme insert (based on King Gama's song "If you give me your attention").

    Gama's Car Park Patrol

    If you give me your attention, I will tell you what I am,
    If you come here by bicycle, by motor car or van,
    I'll look after your vehicle and keep away the crooks
    While you admire my daughter, who's the one with the good looks.
    I'll scare away the criminal but don't do this for free,
    So put money in the buckets so that they can pay my fee.
    I love my fellow creature, I do all the good I can,
    Yet everybody says I'm such a disagreeable man.
    And I can't thing why.

  • The Society's Productions of "Princess Ida" 7 :

    2016 2004 1994 1982 1976 1964 1956.

  • From Gilbert's Bab Ballads:

    Watercolor by W.Russell Flint:
Princess Ida (2004)

Producer/Director : Graham Weston
Musical Director : David Hall


King Hildebrand:Robert Thurman
Hilarion :
(His Son)
Chris Garfield-Fletcher
-- Hilarion's Friends --
Cyril :Ian Townend
Florian :Leon Waksberg
King Gama :Malcolm Parkinson
-- His Sons --
Arac : Graham Thorne
Guron : John Foster
Scythius : Jeremy Shoesmith
Princess Ida :
(Gama's Daughter)
Carol Parkinson
Lady Psyche :
(Professor of Humanities)
Stephanie Roe
Lady Blanche :
(Professor of Abstract Science)
Pamela Thorne
(Lady Blanche's Daughter)
Natalie Garfield-Fletcher
-- Girl Graduates --
Sacharissa : Samantha Jones
Chloe :Debbie Stringer
Ada : Kirsty Lees
Chorus of Girl Graduates,
Daughters of the Plough, Courtiers and Soldiers :

Ciara Aldcroft, Leilani Aldcroft, Lyndsey Hanson, Margaret Hanson, Penny McGovern, Sue Ralph Caroline Roberts, Lorraine Wood, Lorraine Aldcroft, Danielle Cook, Tracey Hook, Amy Kitchingman, Sally Roberts, Kathryn Thurman, Joanna Townend, Hazel Volante, Dorothy Whitworth

John Berry, David Hirst, Tony Johnson, Stephen Roe, Keith Horner, Andrew Stopford

"Princess Ida" in pictures