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  • "Old fashioned entertainment - love, songs and laughter" or so said journalist Andrew Stead of this production in the Batley News.
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    As on all but one of the previous productions, this was a double bill with "HMS Pinafore".

  • "Trial By Jury"is set in a court of law, the original setting being based by Gilbert on the Clerkenwell Court in which he had appeared during his early, brief and unremunerative career as a lawyer.

    The bare bones for Trial appeared in the 11th April 1868 edition of Fun, a magazine to which Gilbert was a regular contributor. In 1875, Richard D'Oyly Carte commissioned Gilbert & Sullivan to produce a short opera. By then, Gilbert had turned the original idea into a full-scale libretto which proved the perfect basis for Sullivan's music.

  • From Gilbert's Bab Ballads:

    Bab Ballads, the judges song
    The Judges song
  • Take a look at our previous productions of "Trial by Jury".

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Trial By Jury (1993)

Producer/Director : David Fletcher
Musical Director : David Wilkinson


The Learned Judge : Robert Thurman
Counsel for the Plaintiff : Alison Sowerby
The Defendant : Ian Townend
Foreman of the Jury : Keith Horner
Usher : David Atkinson
The Associate : Allen Haigh
The Plaintiff : Stephanie Roe
Bridesmaids : Verity Bird, Louise Halliwell, Judith Gill, Sue Ralph, Rachel Roe, Tracey Spencer

Neil Bird, Graham Harris, David Hirst, Ian Castle, Paul Child, Andrew James, Stephen Roe, Chris Sowerby, Ian Stringer


Joan Baldwin, Margaret Hansen, Karen Morton, Carol Parkinson, Ruth Trout, Marie Bullock, Janice Child, Sally Roberts, Debbie Stringer, Kathryn Thurman

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