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  • Our 62nd G&S production though only the second time we have performed "Utopia Limited". The very first, and only time till now, was back in 1957.

    The show was dedicated to the memory of Alison Sowerby who died suddenly in December 2009.

  • "Utopia" was Gilbert & Sullivan's penultimate collaboration, being first performed in 1893. Although the initial run was 245 performances, it was not revived professionally until 1975.

    The show is the only one in which a character from an earlier operetta re-appears. Which one?

  • From Gilbert's Bab Ballads:

    Gilbert Bab Ballads - An English Girl
    "An English Girl"
  • Take a look at our previous productions of "Utopia Limited" 1.


Utopia Limited(2010)

Producer/Director : Becky Gregson-Flynn
Musical Director : Graham Thorne


King Paramount the First:
(King of Utopia)
Robert Thurman
Scaphio:Malcolm Parkinson
Phantis:Richard Buxton
Tarara :
(the Public Exploder)
Jeremy Shoesmith
(the Utopian Vice-Chamberlain)
Andrew Stopford
Imported Flowers of Progress
Lord Dramaleigh:
(a British Lord Chamberlain)
Ian Townend
Captain Fitzbattleaxe :
(First LifeGuards)
Jonathan Wilby
Captain Sir Edward Corcoran KCB :
(of the Royal Navy)
Alan Evans
Mr Goldbury :
(a Company Promoter)
Steven Greenwood
Sir Bailey Barre QC, MP: Trevor Roberts
Mr Blushington
(of the County Council)
Tony Johnson
The Princess Zara :
(Eldest Daugher of King Paramount)
Anna Trent
The Princess Nekaya: Lisa O’Shea
The Princess Kalyba: Antonia McGoverin
The Lady Sophy :
(their English Governess)
Pamela Thorne
Utopian Maidens
Salata: Catherine Roberts
Melene: Penny McGoverin
Phylla: Stephanie Roe
Chorus of Utopian Maidens:

Fi Baker, Rita Jno-Baptiste, Jennifer Day, Margaret Hanson, Tracey Hook, Deirdre O'Shea, Sally Roberts, Debbie Stringer, Kathryn Thurman

Chorus of Utopian Natives and Life Guards:

AJ Jno-Baptiste, Clive Daniel, Keith Horner, Paul Mathews, Fintan O'Shea, Andrew Stopford, Peter Sugden, Kelvyn Waites

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