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Did you know?

  • This was our fourth production of "Ruddygore". This year we had a major change to our "key" personel. We were delighted to welcome Raymond Wood as our Musical Director/Accompanist and Owen S. Ward as our Producer. Ray was in fact a member of the Society in 1971.

    We deliberately reverted to the original spelling of "Ruddygore" for this production (with a "Y" rather than an "i"). The original spelling was considered offensive at the time.

    Ruddygore 1987 press headline

    So said the Batley News of our 1987 production. See the full report

    Our Producer, Owen Ward's, very first appearance in Gilbert & Sullivan was in 1955 in Ruddigore with Wakefield Amateur Operatic Society, playing as one of the chorus of ghosts.

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Ruddigore (1987) Programme

Producer/Director : Owen S. Ward
Musical Director : Raymond Wood


Sir Ruthven Murgatroyd:
(disguised as Robin Oakapple)
Ian Townend
Richard Dauntless:
(his Foster-Brother, a Man-o'-War's man)
Steven Greenwood
Sir Despard Murgatroyd:
(a Wicked Baronet of Ruddigore)
Keith Horner
Old Adam Goodheart:
(Robin's Faithful Servant)
Chris Sowerby
Rose Maybud:
(a Village Maiden)
Stephanie Roe
Mad Margaret: Alison Sowerby
Dame Hannah:
(Rose's Aunt)
Margaret Lister
Professional Bridesmaids
Zorah: Carol Parkinson
Ruth: Verity Thomas
Sir Roderic Murgatroyd: Malcolm Parkinson
Ancestors/Bucks & Blades :

Neil Bird, Nigel Day, Jremy Haigh, John Hardy, Peter Newell, Vernon Newman, Barry Pearson

Bridesmaids/Villagers :

Helen Frain, Judith Gill, Amanda James, Sarah Leach, Mary Ludford

"Ruddygore" in pictures