Mikado 2020

In 2020 we will be performing

"The Mikado"

At Batley Town Hall

Wednesday 29th April to Saturday 2nd May
at 7.30pm
and Matinee on Saturday 2nd May at 2.30.

Directed by David Hall
Musical Direction by Richard Buxton

The Mikado is one of most famous and best-loved of Gilbert and Sullivan‘s operettas.

There are the three little maids from school, a wandering minstrel, a hilariously corrupt public official, and a Lord High Executioner with a list of offenders deserving of his services, including himself – for flirting!

At the heart of this tale is a love story: a beautiful school girl loves the romantic wandering minstrel, but she is engaged to the executioner. This romantic triangle takes the usual course of thwarted love, until the arrival of a fearsome noble woman claiming the minstrel as her “perjured lover”, and later of the emperor himself, with his own list of punishments to fit the crime.

Tickets will be available early next year

You can pre-book tickets by calling our Booking Manager
on 07540 645172 or use the booking form (see link below).

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